The importance of mindset or the right mindset in anything one does is unquantifiable.

Your mindset about a thing determines how you approach a thing and what you get out of the venture.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been in business, you have to realize that you need to cultivate the right mindset if you will succeed or even survive in the coming year.

In view of the necessity of mindsets in business, we noted 6 different and right mindset we felt are the most important to seek for in 2018.


You cannot achieve much as an entrepreneur or businessman without an overflowing bank of positivity in life.

Barack Obama’s winning quote for presidency was “Yes, We Can”. It was not just a quote for him, it was a lifeline for him. Only such positivity in life and business can enable you to push through the obstacles that will arise on your way to success.

You need to create a positive mindset that will not be moved by the storms and situations in life.


Nobody was born an entrepreneur (well some people have a greater tendency to be entrepreneurs), they all learnt and developed themselves to become entrepreneurs.

Stats say that the average Chief Executive Officer reads more than 60 books every year, not to talk of courses and office data that they come around every now and then.

I have seen businesses crumble because they didn’t give themselves to personal development.

Reading books and taking courses also gives you the right mindset that enables you to do even achieve greater things.

Personally, within the last three months, I have spent thousands of naira in courses and personal development with the little amount of money I am still getting. This is not to add the unpaid lessons and information that I come across daily.

It’s not negotiable if you ever want to make it huge or survive as an entrepreneur.

Include it in your budget and sought out ways of developing yourself.

Highly Converting Sales Copy


Have a mindset to get things going.

You can make the best plans and cultivate the best networks but if you don’t put your energy to work, you might be living in sugar candy mountain.

Ideas are no longer king, worked out ideas are the new king.

We appreciate the fact that you have great ideas that will transform the world, solve problems and put money in your pocket, but those ideas are actually useless because you don’t get paid by ideas, you get paid by work done.

One thing social media has done is to give us a mind that entrepreneurship is all about flashy cars and beach houses but it is more about work than it is about the good lifestyle.

Have Strategic Goals

Don’t just let life push you around, set goals and plans that will guide you like a compass in the sea.

Predict trends from others.

Have your goals.

Watch your competitors and people who have gone ahead of you. Any way possible, find a way to have serious strategic goals that drive your everyday work.

I am not talking living in dreamland, I am talking about setting up a serious SMART goal that is achievable.

By SMART we mean:

  • Specific: The goal must be specific and well defined. It cannot be vague and hard to understand.

Something more like “in the next year, I will do over ten six figures consulting or I will have over 10,000 customers in my database”.

  • Measurable: There must be a way to measure the goal. A way to know you are in track.

You must be able to know when you are off track or not measuring up to the standard.

It should have something like “by the third quarter of the year, I should be able to have achieve 80% of my goals”.

  • Attainable: You can’t have goals of being a mother when you are a male. (It’s not business related but I believe you get the gist).

Don’t settle for plans you can never achieve like planning to be an athlete when you are already above 50 years.

Set goals that are hard but achievable.

  • Relevant: This is about knowing that you need to achieve this particular goal.

As a businessman who is not interested in running for any political position, I have no business attending the national convention of any political party.

You don’t need that extra course or training when you have no future need for it in your business or life.

Don’t go beyond your boundaries and take on extra stress that you don’t need.

  • Time Bound: You won’t live on this planet earth forever and likewise your plans.

It has been noticed that a plan that does not have a deadline is virtually dead because you don’t get the motivation to do it seeing as you don’t have any deadline you are pursuing.

Attach a timeline to any of your goals and it enables you sit up and pursue it.

You can read more about how to set up SMART goals here or you can talk to us if you need to set up a personalized goal for your business

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Make The Right Connections

a lot of people have the mindset that they can go about achieving their goals alone but this is not right.

In the next ten years, you will be the same person you are currently except for the information you consume and the friends you make.

The issue of making the right friends in business is immeasurable.

A lot of the progress I have made in business was because of people around me that helped, encouraged or taught me in a way or another.

The things you are searching is in the hands of someone and you get it either by paying or free from a friend.

Attend seminars, reach out to people, join business clubs and make as many friends as people.

Amazing Business talks about how the right connections can benefit your business.

Have a mind to make more friends in business, it will cost you but it will also pay you.

Live Larger Than Yourself

Truth be told, I became an entrepreneur so as to make huge loads of cash and live a wealthy life but it didn’t take long for me to realize that it does not work that way.

Believe it or not, entrepreneurship is about living beyond yourself and making the world a better place by solving an issue or problem.

You won’t go far if your mind is to take and not give. The universe actually works in such a way that you must give and give before your reap; just like a farmer.

winning business plan

Have a value-adding mindset. Seek out ways to add value to people’s life.

Sought out ways of solving problems or easing stress and you have found yourself a huge business that will never fade out.

In all you do in 2018, don’t just ask yourself what your profit margin will be, ask yourself how it will better the life of the man next to you.

So, here you have it, 6 very necessary mindsets to cultivate if you must be successful in 2018.

Why don’t you share with your friends in business so they also know the right business mindset they need to have.

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