A lot of people want to get into business but are unaware of which business to start or plunge into.

Today they are interested in selling shoes, tomorrow it is agriculture and the next it is affiliate marketing.

The society also does not make it easy for people to make a choice because people will discourage you from choosing the one you have decided on; making theirs a credible option.

In this post, we bring you six factors that will aid you in choosing which business to start.

It must first of all be stated that this is just a guide and you (just like everybody) is liable for every decision you make in life.

I will also say that you should have a personal decision-making system that works for you determined by your God or your desire in life.

Moving on, let’s get started with the list below


Everybody has something they love. Something that makes them tick.

They can do it for long without getting tired.

A billionaire once said, “I have never gone to work for one day in my life”. Well he has but what he means by that is that he enjoys it so long, it doesn’t feel like work.

The point is that people think they cannot make money from their passion but it is a lie.

Anything you love can be translated into a business.

One huge advantage of following your passion amongst many reasons is that your love/passion will help you weather the storm when they come. It will act like a fuel that keeps propelling you to live the dream.

     PROBLEMwinning business plan

This here is a sure way of making money because people make money by solving problems. The bigger the problem you solve, the richer you are.

This work for people who are more money oriented (it is not bad to be money oriented).

While passion can keep you for long, problem-solving gets you the cash (after which you can fund your passion or retire to your passion).

People who choose this path are majorly people who don’t have the luxury of time or resources, people who are aiming for the kill immediately.

You can start this by looking around for problems that abound in your locality, and problems never finish.

Are you looking for problems to solve?

When you step out next time, look around you carefully and observe:

  • the things you wish they could get better
  • people are suffering from or complaining about
  • something that people have that is not sufficient or has stopped existing

While they are many ways to get a problem to solve, these should suffice until we make a whole post.


I have a huge dream/desire to dictate my terms of living; choose the time I sleep and wake up, work from any part of the world and I love working alone so I started a business that accommodates such luxuries.

Some others love the corporate lifestyle where they wear suits and tie and attend board meetings.

It seems a lot like the passion you have but this is about understanding your personality, strengths, and ambition.

If you are an extrovert, love meeting people and talking, you should consider jobs like selling and marketing, real estate and network marketing.

If you are an introvert, works like coding, graphic design and writing would fit you.

Some others are better at managing and relating with people while others love teaching and imparting knowledge.

Sit down, check yourself and write down 1000 (or 500 if that is too much) word composition about yourself, give it to someone who knows you and makes sure you are not lying to yourself, then make a career option based on your strength



It is necessary that while choosing the business to start, you stick to something that is already dying off.

Imagine starting a cyber café or nitel installation service?

You’re building into the past.

Look at the trends. Look at the world and new innovations coming up and start something that clings to such business ideas.

The business you want to start, can it stay for the next 30-50 years without dying a natural death.

The world is moving in the direction of e-commerce, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and such delicate innovations.

These are the things you want to be involved in.

No matter what you have access to in any niche, be ready and willing to incorporate technology into it.

If you want to sell shoes, what about selling it throughout the country using the internet.

If you want to teach people, do it over the internet.

If you want to provide business to business services, utilize the internet.

These 4 guides should give you enough clue as to which business to start.

It is necessary to note that:

  • It will not be easy. It doesn’t matter if Mr. A started it yesterday and is driving a Bugatti. All work requires hard work for the work to work
  • Everything can be started small. Start by selling to one person, then five before thinking of selling to hundred.
  • Don’t take more than a week to think. Thinking and deliberating is good, even great but you must know when thinking becomes laziness and naivety.
  • Your mindset about business and life makes all the difference

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